Size: 90m2

Architect: Tran Ngoc Linh

Implementation team: Le Anh Duc, Nguyen Huy Hai

Photos: Le Anh Duc, Trieu Chien

Furniture and lighting create the space

Author and photographs: Le Anh Duc

The previous 90m2 apartment including 3 bedrooms but limited with only one bathroom; the kitchen, dinning and living room is narrow and uncomfortable. Moving the wall, the furniture and lighting are designed to make a space.

By moving the kitchen to the corner of the apartment creates a flexible space. The cabinet systems up to the ceiling are designed for an extremely effecient storage space in a limited living space,  concurently dividing smartly the space. The difficulties with the former drainage of bathroom were repaired by raising the floor level of the bathroom. Thus, two bathrooms are constructed.

 In this limited area, white and dark of iron wood and walnut veneer color create an interesting contrast and gentle. The combination of iron, veneer and timber create a harmony overall.

In that harmony overall, the lighting  has been carefully designed for the usage and the client’s emotional needs. There is no indirectly lighting slot, the carefully selected downlight systems with many different lighting formulas in a plane ceiling creates tidy for the space. With the same size and shape, the downlightholders seem similar but they create various lighting cource, clearly define the space and satisfy the needs.

In the limitation of the area and the poor condition of the old building, using smartly furniture and lighting creates comfortable space and surprised interesting. 

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